Monday, June 22, 2009

LOVINGRAW | Series 43 | Removing Labels

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Stephanie said...

Hi Phillip, I have just found your blog a couple months ago and I must say I really enjoy it.

I am not raw, or even vegan for that matter, but I have been obsessed with learning more about the raw lifestyle for a few months. I do consume more raw foods now (and lost some weight as a result), but I was struggling with doing the whole raw thing completely. I love that Anthony (rawmodel) and now you are talking about removing labels and not letting others define yourself. If people follow those kinds of rules and limits, they will never experience personal growth. It makes me realize that even if I never go 100% raw, or vegan for that matter, that's ok too. I have to find the path that works for me, whatever it may be.
Great post, thank you!