Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LOVINGRAW | Series 45 | Fat Head Syndrome


Eduardo Gatto said...

Hey, I used to behave like that after having lost 100 pounds. You know what helped me a whole lot? Weight lifting exercises. You see, when we work out with weights, our bodies change completely. So, I'd been lifting weights for about a year when I looked at myself in the mirror and finally realized I was a different guy! Plus, suddenly I noticed I was being looked at. So, my advice to you guys out there who are takinh your health seriously, eating sensibly and taking your life to a different, much better level is: Lose fat, but make sure you gain lean mass, I mean, muscles!! Good Luck!

Eduardo Gatto said...

BTW, what an awesome, brilliant blog! It's a god-sent! Congratulations, man!! I'll follow it every week from now on!